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First Letting Go Weekend

Our first weekend of Letting Go was a great success.  A small, humble beginning to a very profound process. It was great to see & feel Spirit working "It's Magic" as the weekend progressed.  The group bonded so quickly that love could be seen pulsing between them as they talked & shared with each other.  Even lunch, almost did not need food, as we shared around the table at the Union Grill.  It was a spectacular two days, thank you, one & all.  Especially to Sarah who traveled from Cleveland to be with us, Her meditations & leading us in Breath Work were invaluable contributions to the weekend.

The Approximations of Change

Change is often simple, but rarely does it come easy.  We all carry the energy of resistance, because as much as we might want to change, there is the fear of change/the fear of the unknown within us.  Here is some of my recent thoughts about the process of change:
Six Approximations of change:
1.       You become aware of the problem or negative pattern and you go into “denial”, a protector surfaces because you see “the solution” and/or the change as a threat.

The Broad Use of Hypnosis

As I reflect on this past two years working professionally and personally with Hypnotherapy, I want the share what I have learned:

First, that Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is the most unique form of psychotherapy that I have ever come across.  It embraces and synthesis the best of the best... Jung's understanding of the workings of the Archetypes... Pearl's motto of "get out of your head and come to your senses"... Burn's mapping of the intra-relationship of the Parent-Child-Adult dynamic.

Anxiety, PTSD and Breathing

PTSD, Anxiety and Breathing
Many people come to me, in different states of anxiety, fromgeneralized to specified PTSD.  They have mild to severe episodes of Anxiety and/or Panic “driving” their lives down aroad they do not want to continue to go down.
Learning to Breath, is the major way out… the major way to start traveling a different road.  Sadly, many look at me, at first with a look of, “but I already know how to breathe”OR “ One more person telling me to just breathe and GET OVER IT!

New Years Resolution

The research shows that only 8% of people maintain their new year's resolutions. That is because "resolutions" only address the behavior rather than the deeper emotions that drive us to unwanted behavior. We, at The Wellness Institute, address the root cause of our unwanted behavior rather than just the effect. This is the key to sustaining real change. Watch our video and get inspired to follow Your Vision for the New Year.                                                                                     

Life is a Banquet

“Life is a banquet; the tragedy is that many are starving.”
Anthony de Mello
This insight from Anthony has been a great reference for over and over again. Little did I know I was to learn all about this in my late teens, sometime between 1972 – 1974 and little did the Chef that taught me the lesson, I am about to share, know it would be a grand life lesson that I would pass on to many.
I worked my way through college as a prep-cook, well, for almost 3 years of college. I made hundreds and maybe thousands of pounds of potato salad, crab cakes, shrimp, et.

Conflict Resolution

Coming off of another great training weekend in New York, I have found my self saying this to several clients this week within our work: “A prime aspect of Life is found within our Relationships with one another.  Relationships, of any depth or longevity involve conflict.  There are four options towards conflict: One is in Flight, the second is in Fight, the third is in Freezing, the forth is in Resolution.
The (3) three “F’s are part of our “hard drive’s basic operating systems – Our autonomic nervous system.

One Year & One Month Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Wow!  It has been one year that I have been practicing Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy.  The more and more I utilize the tools within this method, I am amazed at the changes I see people making.  It astonishes me and I feel honored to witness and be a part of others healing from their Traumas - large and small. As I find myself saying to clients, “Everyone, to some degree or another has experienced some type of trauma.  It is what happens afterwards that makes the difference. The more immediate the TLC comes and embraces the trauma, the sooner the trauma heals.

Anouncing Weight Release

I have a client how is looking to get a new Weight Release Program started... He would prefer to have some company... Any interest?    We are looking as early as this coming Saturday.

Repair, Remodel and/or Expand

Woke this morning, Dave Hartman's video on therapy is like owning a house, running through my head.  You can catch it on y-tube with The Wellness Institute.  Three major forms of taking care of your house: Repairs, Remodel and Expand.
Last evening, going over the options of therapy with a new client... he ask me of my preference.  Hands down (or maybe up) I said Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy.  In the explanation why, I heard myself verbalize Dave's illustration.  "We can work with your Anger", I said, "using cognitive behavioral techniques and you gain better control over your temper".

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