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What Is A Letting Go Weekend?
Our letting Go Weekend is a one-of-a kind experience for uncovering what stands between you, your goals and highly joyful living, This special event brings together an intimate group of people for intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.
Combining advanced instruction on human behavior with powerful interactive exercises, Letting Go fosters dynamic learning in a safe and sacred space. Our unique program addresses wellness from a mind-body-spirit perspective and teaches proven, holistic healing approaches for personal growth and the highest form of healing.

Your Personal Transformation Leaders

Koren Bierfeidt - West Lake, Ohio
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Licensed Personal Transformation Leader
Spiritual Counseling Certified
Ordained Minister
Reiki Level 2 Practitioner
M.Ed. in Counseling
B.A. in Psychology


Fear, Hurt, Anxiety, Guilt,
Shame, Grief & Resentment
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Sometimes we hold on to things that no longer serve us-or that never did. Ideas, beliefs, expectations ...even people. Our Letting Go Weekend helps you discover what's keeping you from your true self and achieving greater peace, happiness, relationships and prosperity.

Benefits of Letting Go Weekend
  • Identify unconscious thoughts that inhabit your happiness...
  • Recognize unhealthy family relationship patterns...
  • Become aware of addictive thoughts and behaviors...
  • Improve your emotional and physical well-being...
  • Increase understanding of your life's passion and purpose...
  • Find out how to acheive greater professional success...
  • Learn how to realize more abundance and financial prosperity..
  • Gain deeper mindfulness of your spiritual life...

Ivan Lambert – Pittsburgh, PA
Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed Personal Transformation Leader
Certified coreSomatics Practitioner/Trainer
Ordained Minister
M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology
B.A. in Human Relations

 Friday,  5-8 pm                                        River’s Edge - Cleveland
 Saturday, 9 am-6 pm                               3430 Rocky River Drive
 Sunday, 9 am-4:00 pm                            Cost: $250 for 3-day program

440-892-0452 x 11                       412-720-2109                   
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